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George Dickey and Margaret Walker



660. George Dickey [Gen 10] was born 1665 in Ireland, and died 1703 in Ireland. George married

661. Margaret Walker. Margaret was born about 1665, and died in Ireland.

George is of Scots ancestry, Margaret is unknown but probably English or Scots. They were Presbyterians.

The Dickey family migrated from Scotland to northern Ireland; they were Presbyterians.

Dickey is a common name in England and Scotland; it is the same as Dickson or Dixon, and is related to Richards, Richardson, Hix, Hickson, etc, which are all derived from Richard. It nominally indicates someone who was a son of Richard, but was also commonly given in honor of King Richard. It was common practice among the Scots at this time to drop their old Gaelic names and take simpler English names. It is also possible that this family was originally English and had moved to Scotland at some earlier time.

Walker is another very common name in England and Scotland. It could refer to a person who walked on damp, raw cloth as part of the cloth-making process -- this was used in southern Scotland and northern England. It also could refer to a town watchman or a forest patrolman. It also happened in Scotland that people moving to the lowlands would drop their Gaelic names and just pick any simpler Anglicized name.

George and Margaret probably had several children, the only one that we know of is

660.1. John Dickey [330] (1703 Ire - 1789 SC)and Martha McNeeley are direct ancestors, separate page.



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