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These pages are a compilation of my work and that of others. You are welcome to use anything on this page, but be aware that although I have been as careful and accurate as possible, I am not a professional genealogist. I have been working on our genealogy for over 25 years, and started the website in 2005. Some of the lines I have researched myself; some, especially on Rita’s side, we inherited the research of other family members over the past 75 years. Still, the majority of these pages are limited to compilations from published books and what I could find on the internet. The target audience was and remains our family, so the family pages are limited to our own ancestors. I have set it up so that each page is one set of ancestors, with their descendants. For the most part I have limited my scope to their great-grandchildren (second cousins to us); in some cases I list sources which may continue further.   HOME


Samuel Caldwell and Ann Richardson



336. Samuel Caldwell did patriotic service (supplies to the Army) during the Revolutionary War
336.1. James Caldwell served in the Revolutionary War, and in the Kentucky and Missouri Legislatures
336.6.1.2. John M. Caldwell served in the Civil War



336. Samuel Caldwell was born sometime around 1740, probably in Virginia, and died in Kentucky. He married twice, and had children from both marriages. Samuel married first,
Ann Kincaid. Ann was born sometime around 1740, and died about 1765 in Virginia.

Samuel married second, about 1767 in Augusta County (later Greenbriar), Virginia, our ancestor

337. Ann Richardson. Ann was born sometime around 1740.

The name Caldwell is old English and refers to a place. Various sources say it may mean either (Cealdweill) a cold spring, or (Colwold) a hazel woods. A few sources class it as possibly Scots.

Richardson is an English patronymic. It may refer literally to a son of Richard, but more often the name was taken in honor of King Richard.

The primary reference linking Samuel to our family is a document in the Greenbriar Historical Society in West Virginia, in which Samuel says that he has no objections to a marriage license being issued to his son Kincaid Caldwell and Sarah Kincaid. He also is linked to several other children, which we have from other sources as being Kinkead’s siblings or half-siblings, so I am fairly confident that this is a solid connection. (It is not 100% certain however -- some sources have Kinkead as the son of a Matthew Caldwell of Culpepper Co, Virginia.) This is as far back as we can go at this time; early Virginia settlers do not seem to have kept records as well as New England colonists. Virginia had been settled by the English starting in 1607, but we don’t see any Caldwells or Richardsons among the first groups. The original ancestors probably arrived in Virginia sometime between 1620 and 1700, and probably took several generations to move inland to the Allegheny Mountains. There is an article in the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol 30 No 2, Apr 1922, “The Settlement of the [Shenandoah] Valley” page 181, which states that the Augusta County Caldwells originally came from Ballibagan in Londonderry County, Ireland, and that they landed first in Lancaster County Pennsylvania before moving to Augusta County. Don’t know what they base that on, it may or may not apply to our family. The National Genealogy Society Quarterly, Vol 25:2, June 1937, page 41-46, gives a James Caldwell living in Augusta County in 1740 with several children, including a son Samuel. We might speculate whether this could be our Samuel, but there is nothing solid to link him.

We don’t know anything about where Samuel and Ann (Kincaid) lived. Their children are listed only as being born in Virginia. Samuel’s second marriage takes place in what is now Greenbriar County, in the Allegheny Mountains. This was before the Revolution, and the British did not allow settlement this far into the Appalachians, but many people were moving there anyway. The Kincaid families were among the earliest, so it is very possible that Samuel’s first marriage was in this area also. Samuel and Ann (Kincaid) had three children, but she died in her mid-twenties, probably from childbirth. Samuel then married Ann Richardson, who is the ancestor of our family.

Samuel appears on a credit list at Mathew’s trading post in Greenbriar, 1771, and he signed a petition in Greenbriar County in 1777 concerning surveys and land rights. He owned 270 acres in Greenbriar at the end of the Revolutionary War. Samuel did not fight in the Revolutionary War -- his place was taken by his son James -- but he is listed as a DAR Patriot for furnishing supplies and grain to the Continental Army. They moved to Kentucky around 1789 -- Samuel appears on a 1790 tax list in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

Samuel and Ann Kincaid had three children (half-siblings to our line):

336.1. James Caldwell (1763 VA - 1840 MO) had descendants and is expanded below.

336.2. Mary Caldwell {a} was born sometime around 1760 in Virginia, and died in Missouri. She married Andrew Kinkead [338.2], son of 338 Andrew Kincaid, and brother of our ancestor Sarah.
Mary and Andrew had five children (first cousins to us through both parents), listed under Andrew.

336.3. William Caldwell (~ 1760 VA - 1823) had descendants and is expanded below.

Samuel and Ann Richardson had nine children:

336.4. Matthew Caldwell was born about 1768 in Virginia.

336.5. Kinkead Caldwell [168] (1769 VA - 1828 MO) and Sarah Kincaid are direct ancestors, separate page.

336.6. John Caldwell (1771 VA - 1854 MO) had descendants and is expanded below.

336.7. Elizabeth Caldwell (1773 VA - < 1840) had descendants and is expanded below.

336.8. Sally Caldwell was born about 1775 in Virginia. She married ___ King.

336.9. Walter Caldwell (1777 VA -  ) had descendants and is expanded below.

336.10. Annis Caldwell was born sometime around 1770 in Virginia. She married George King.

336.11. Ann Caldwell was born sometime around 1780 in Virginia. She married ___ Byrnside.

336.12. Samuel Caldwell was born sometime around 1780 in Virginia.



336.1. James Caldwell {a,b} was born 4 Jul 1763 in what was then Augusta County, Virginia (now Greenbriar County, West Virginia), and died 6 Sep 1836 in St. Francois County, Missouri. He married 30 Nov 1786 in Lincoln Co, Kentucky, Meeke Perrin, daughter of Josephus Perrin (1740 VA - 1791 KY) and Cassandra Clopton (~1742 VA - 1822 KY). Meeke was born 27 Feb 1769 in Virginia, and died sometime after 1858 in Missouri.
James served in the Revolutionary War; Virginia miltia, enlisting in the Spring of 1778 at age 15. He served in a 15-day campaign against Indians under Capt Archibald Woods. He served again in a one-month term substitution for his father, under Capt Thomas Wright in Spring 1779. He then served three terms of one month in 1781, under Capt Woods. He moved to Lincoln Co, Kentucky in the Fall of 1781. In Kentucky he served in a 16-day campaign against Indians under Col William Whitley, where he may have been made Captain -- he is called by this title in several sources.
James was elected to the Kentucky State Legislature from Harrison County, 1800 to 1807.

James and Meeke moved to Missouri around 1810, and settled in Libertyville, St Genevieve Co. They owned several slaves.
James served in the Missouri Territorial Legislature, along with his half-brother Kinkead, from 1812 until Missouri became a state in 1821. He served in the first Missouri State Legislature, and was the first Speaker of the House in 1821. He also served in the Missouri State Senate in 1822, but was defeated by his son-in-law in 1824. St. Genevieve County was broken up in 1821, and the area where they lived became St. Francois County.

James freed most of his slaves upon his death, but 4 years later it was discovered that three small boys were not named in the will. Adopted son Sebastian, who inherited most of James’ property, had them sold and divided the money among all James’ heirs.
Meeke was listed as still living in St. Francois County, age 81, in the 1850 Census. She received a widow’s pension for James’ Revolutionary War service, which shows her alive in 1858.

James and Meeke had three children (first cousins to us), and adopted a son [Arthur Caldwell’s history {a} says they had no children of their own, only the adopted son; this is because all three children died before James wrote his will]:

336.1.1. John Caldwell was born about 1788 in Kentucky, and probably died young.

336.1.2. George Caldwell was born about 1790 in Kentucky, and probably died young.

336.1.3. Angeline Caldwell was born 8 Feb 1802 in Kentucky, and died 7 Jun 1825 in Texas. She married 23 Jul 1818 in Missouri, James Kerr Jr., son of James Kerr (b. 1749 PA) and Patience Wells. James was born 24 Sep 1790 in the area of Danville, Kentucky, and died 23 Dec 1850 in Texas. His father, the son of an Irish immigrant, was a Baptist traveling preacher. James served in the War of 1812, first as a militia Sergeant under Capt Boone, a son of Daniel Boone, and later as a U.S. Army private, 1813-1814. He was Sheriff of Charles County, Missouri, 1815-1819.

James Kerr was elected to the Missouri Legislature 1822-1823. He defeated his father-in-law for the state Senate, 1824. This caused a terrible upset in the family, and James Caldwell never spoke to them again. Because of this, Kerr resigned his Senate seat the same year, and they moved to Texas in 1825. Angeline and their two sons died on the trip into Texas. Only one daughter survived, and she was sent back to live with her grandparents.
Angeline and James had three children (second cousins to us):

336.1.3.1. Mary Margaret Kerr  was born sometime around 1820 in Missouri.

336.1.3.2. son (name unknown), born early 1820’s in Missouri, died in 1825 during the move to Texas.

336.1.3.2. son (name unknown), born early 1820’s in Missouri, died in 1825 during the move to Texas.

336.1.x. Edwin C. Sebastian, adopted as an infant in Kentucky after his mother died. Born in Kentucky, died in Missouri.



336.3. William Caldwell {a} was born sometime around 1760 in Virginia, and died 1823. He married Elizabeth Kennedy. Elizabeth was born 2 Aug 1766, and died 16 May 1805.
William and Elizabeth had eight children (first cousins to us):

336.3.1. Ann P. Caldwell was born about 1786 in Kentucky. She married ___ Kincaid.

336.3.2. John Kennedy Caldwell was born 28 Jan 1788 in Kentucky, and died about May 1822 in Pike Co, Missouri. He married, 1810 in Bath Co, Kentucky, Sally Utterback. Sally was born 7 Sep 1789. One source has John’s name as John Kincaid Caldwell.
John and Sally had two sons and two daughters (second cousins to us), but the only one we know is:

336.3.2.1. Harmon Utterback Caldwell was born 10 Mar 1811 in Kentucky, and died 8 Nov 1898 in Missouri. He married 30 Oct 1837 in Missouri, his first cousin once removed, Mary Caldwell [336.9.9], daughter of Walter Caldwell and Mary Breckinridge.

336.3.3. Joseph Caldwell was born sometime around 1790 in Kentucky.

336.3.4. Ephraim Caldwell was born sometime around 1790 in Kentucky, and died sometime before 1850 in Pike Co, Missouri.

336.3.5. Andrew Caldwell was born sometime around 1790 in Kentucky, and died in 1847 in Franklin Co, Missouri. He married Nancy Ann Farrar. Nancy died in 1847 in Franklin Co, Missouri.
Andrew and Nancy had three children (second cousins to us):

336.3.5.1. Leonard Caldwell was born in 1811 in Kentucky, and died sometime before May 1841 in Missouri. He was a farmer, and owned 80 acres in Missouri in 1831.

336.3.5.2. John Sutton Caldwell was born in 1812. He married 16 Jan 1840 in Franklin Co, Missouri, Lucinda (Caldwell?). I have only seen one secondary reference on this, and the name was given as Lucinda Caldwell. If so, she is probably a cousin, but I don’t know who she is. I think it likely that the original source has only Lucinda ___, with the married name Caldwell. She was born 28 Nov 1821, and died before 1848.

336.3.5.3. James P. Caldwell was born in 1816. He married 6 May 1838 in Franklin Co, Missouri, Ann (Caldwell?). Again, this comes from the same secondary reference as John above. She may be Ann Caldwell, in which case probably a cousin, but I think more likely Ann ___, listed with married name. Ann was born 2 May 1818, and died in 1847 in Missouri.

336.3.6. Elizabeth Caldwell was born sometime around 1795 in Kentucky.

336.3.7. Jane Caldwell was born sometime around 1795 in Kentucky.

336.3.8. James Caldwell was born sometime around 1800 in Kentucky, and died in Missouri. He married Mary Pepper. Mary was born in 1800 in Kentucky, and died in 1904 in Missouri.
James and Mary had ten children (second cousins to us):

336.3.8.1. Amos Caldwell was born in 1817 in Missouri. He married in 1844 in Missouri, Elizabeth McCartney. They had eight children.

336.3.8.2. Andrew Caldwell was born in 1822 in Missouri. He married 1842 in Missouri, Malinda Rowlin. She died before 1860. They had seven children.

336.3.8.3. William Z. Caldwell was born in 1824 in Cole Co, Missouri. He married Sarah ___, and Rachel ___, and had eight children.

336.3.8.4. David Caldwell was born 29 Mar 1825 in Cole Co, Missouri, and died in Miller Co, Missouri. He married about 1845 in Missouri, Nancy Jane Hawkins. David was one of the founders of Aurora Springs, Missouri. They had twelve children.

336.3.8.5. Mary Caldwell was born sometime around 1830 in Cole Co, Missouri.

336.3.8.6. Reuben Caldwell was born sometime around 1830 in Cole Co, Missouri.

336.3.8.7. Samuel Caldwell was born in 1832 in Cole Co, Missouri. He married Julie ___.

336.3.8.8. Joseph L. Caldwell was born in 1834 in Missouri. He married Malinda ___.

336.3.8.9. Peter H. Caldwell was born in 1838 in Miller Co, Missouri, and died in Arkansas. He married Margaret ___.

336.3.8.10. Jacob Caldwell was born in 1840 in Miller Co, Missouri.



336.6. John Caldwell {a} was born 7 Aug 1771 in Virginia, and died Nov 1854 in Franklin Co, Missouri.  He married 13 Mar 1800 in Montgomery Co, Kentucky, Mary Kincaid, called Polly Kincaid. Her relation to our Kincaids, if any, is unknown.
John and Mary had eleven children (first cousins to us):

336.6.1. Micajah Caldwell (also seen as McKigy Caldwell) was born 5 Jan 1801 in Missouri, and died in 1853. He married 20 Dec 1824 in Franklin Co, Missouri, Lucretia Daugherty [1296.], daughter of William Daugherty.
Micajah and Lucretia had four children (both second and fourth cousins to us):

336.6.1.1. Elvira Caldwell was born about 1830 in Franklin Co, Missouri.

336.6.1.2. John M. Caldwell was born Jun 1833 in Franklin Co, Missouri. He married in 1853, Margaret Hutton. Margaret was born 11 Sep 1833 in Missouri, and died 8 Jul 1894 in Missouri. John had 3 months of schooling. They were farmers and raised livestock. John rented a small farm after they were married, and eventually bought and sold several larger farms. John and Margaret had five children. They were Baptist.
John served in the Civil War, 2nd Sgt in Co I, 50th Missouri Infantry. He was a member of the Masonic fraternity.

336.6.1.3. Cordelia Caldwell was born in 1836 in Franklin Co, Missouri. She married 1 Mar 1856 in Franklin Co, Missouri, Drury Lawson.

336.6.1.4. William Caldwell was born in 1838 in Franklin Co, Missouri.

336.6.2. Drucilla Caldwell was born 11 Jan 1803 in Missouri, and died 29 Aug 1845 in Missouri. She married 22 Jan 1819 in Missouri, Hugh Jameson.

336.6.3. Felix Caldwell was born 27 Jan 1805 in Missouri, and died Apr 1817 in Missouri.

336.6.4. Alva Caldwell was born 1 Dec 1806 in Missouri. He married 29 Jan 1829 in Franklin Co, Missouri, Rachel Decker.

336.6.5. Reigny Caldwell was born 29 Oct 1808 in Missouri. He married 29 Jan 1829 in Franklin Co, Missouri, Joanna Williams. Reigny was a Baptist minister. He was at Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church in Gasconade Co, Missouri in the 1850’s.

336.6.6. Langdon Caldwell was born 18 Jan 1811 in Missouri. He married 8 Apr 1841 in Franklin Co, Missouri, Arrimetta Sullins. Langdon was a storekeeper and the town postmaster.

336.6.7. Louisiana Caldwell was born 30 Mar 1813 in Missouri. She married 4 Jan 1838 in Franklin Co, Missouri, John Stockton.

336.6.8. Missouri Caldwell was born 3 Apr 1817 in Missouri, and died about 1868 in Missouri. She married 15 Feb 1844 in Franklin Co, Missouri, William L. Bailey, son of Caleb.
Missouri and William had seven children (second cousins to us):

336.6.8.1. Kissuah Bailey was born in 1846 in Missouri.

336.6.8.2. Moses Bailey was born in 1849 in Missouri.

336.6.8.3. Jackson Bailey was born in 1852 in Missouri.

336.6.8.4. Sarah Bailey was born in 1854 in Missouri.

336.6.8.5. Rachel Bailey was born in 1856 in Missouri.

336.6.8.6. Caleb Bailey was born in 1858 in Missouri.

336.6.8.7. Amanda Bailey was born in 1864 in Missouri.

336.6.9. Washington J. Caldwell was born 28 Jul 1819 in Missouri, and died in Oregon Territory. He married Oct 1842 in Franklin Co, Missouri, Cynthia Sullens.

336.6.10. Jackson Caldwell was born 27 Mar 1822 in Missouri, and died 29 Aug 1843 in Missouri.

336.6.11. Felix Caldwell was born 10 Aug 1824 in Missouri. He married 24 Feb 1848 in Franklin Co, Missouri, Mariah Greenstreet.



336.7. Elizabeth Caldwell {a} was born Sep 1773 in Virginia, and died Sep 1821 in Missouri. She married in 1791 in Kentucky, Joseph Conway, the son of John Conway (1732 - 1801 KY). Joseph was born around 1770 in Greenbriar Co, Virginia, and died about 1820 in Missouri. They moved to St Louis Co, Missouri in 1797.
Elizabeth and Joseph had seven children (first cousins to us):

336.7.1. John Conway was born sometime in the 1790’s or early 1800’s.

336.7.2. Samuel Conway was born sometime in the 1790’s or early 1800’s.

336.7.3. Joseph Conway was born sometime in the 1790’s or early 1800’s.

336.7.4. James Conway was born sometime in the 1790’s or early 1800’s.

336.7.5. Fountain Conway was born sometime in the 1790’s or early 1800’s.

336.7.6. Ann Conway was born sometime in the 1790’s or early 1800’s.

336.7.7. Lucinda Conway was born sometime in the 1790’s or early 1800’s.



336.9. Walter Caldwell {a} was born Dec 1777 in Virginia. He married Dec 1799 in Bath Co, Kentucky, Mary Breckinridge, the daughter of Robert Breckinridge and Mary Doak. Mary was born Sep 1778 in Virginia, and died 28 Sep 1841. They moved to Missouri by 1830.
Walter and Mary had nine children (first cousins to us):

336.9.1. Larue Caldwell was born 12 Dec 1800 in Bath Co, Kentucky. She married 25 Jun 1821, John Helms.

336.9.2. Green Caldwell was born 15 Jan 1803 in Bath Co, Kentucky. He married Mary Gray. Mary was born in 1808, and died in 1882.

336.9.3. James D. Caldwell was born 8 Nov 1804 in Bath Co, Kentucky. He married 1 Jan 1825, Eliza Briggs. He was a physician.

336.9.4. Samuel Kincade Caldwell was born in 1806 in Bath Co, Kentucky. He married 31 Aug 1830, Barbara Briggs.

336.9.5. William Caldwell was born in 1808 in Bath Co, Kentucky, and died in 1890. He married 15 Dec 1836, Jane Jamison Fisher.

336.9.6. Robert Breckenridge Caldwell was born 12 Mar 1810 in Bath Co, Kentucky. He married 3 Jun 1841, Rosanna Splawn.

336.9.7. Matilda Ann Caldwell was born 8 Oct 1813 in Bath Co, Kentucky. She married Kemp Floweree.

336.9.8. John Preston Caldwell was born 17 Mar 1815 in Bath Co, Kentucky, and died 1911 in Missouri. He married 2 Feb 1841, Elvira Reddish.

336.9.9. Mary Caldwell was born 20 Oct 1818 in Bath Co, Kentucky, and died 23 Jun 1876 in Pike Co, Missouri. She married 30 Oct 1837 in Missouri, her first cousin once removed, Harmon Utterback Caldwell [336.3.2.1], son of John Kennedy Caldwell and Sally Utterback.



a. “Kinkead Caldwell, Early Missouri Settler”, by Arthur B. Caldwell. St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly, Mar 1975.
b. Census, Missouri 1850

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