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These pages are a compilation of my work and that of others. You are welcome to use anything on this page, but be aware that although I have been as careful and accurate as possible, I am not a professional genealogist. I have been working on our genealogy for over 25 years, and started the website in 2005. Some of the lines I have researched myself; some, especially on Rita’s side, we inherited the research of other family members over the past 75 years. Still, the majority of these pages are limited to compilations from published books and what I could find on the internet. The target audience was and remains our family, so the family pages are limited to our own ancestors. This page is different from most: this family is not directly related to us, but is allied through frequent marriages.   HOME


Bennett Family Connections

This family is not directly related to us. I include this partial descent list due to the frequent intermarriage with our family. I have left out most of the children, including only those who married into our lines.


James Bennett was born about 1617 in Bedfordshire, England, and died in 1659 in Fairfield (Fairfield) Connecticut. He married

Hannah Wheeler. Hannah was born Feb 1617/18 in Bedfordshire, England, and died Apr 1658 in Fairfield (Fairfield) Connecticut.

James and Hannah had seven children (Hannah, Thomas, James, John, Mary, Sarah, Hannah), of whom three merge into our lines:

b. Thomas Bennett was born in 1642 in Concord (Middlesex) Massachusetts, and died in 1704 in Fairfield (Fairfield) Connecticut. He married Elizabeth Thompson.
Thomas and Elizabeth had six children (Thomas, John, Elizabeth, James, Hannah, Peter), of whom we list two:

b1. Thomas Bennett was born in 1665 in Fairfield (Fairfield) Connecticut, and died 30 Dec 1749 in Wilton (Fairfield) Connecticut. He married in 1688 in Fairfield County Connecticut, Sarah Hubbard [7852.8.1], daughter of William Hubbard and Abigail Dudley. Sarah was born in 1668 in Fairfield County Connecticut. She is a first cousin to us through both parents, and could also be referenced as 7848.2.1.

b4. James Bennett was born 6 Aug 1675 in Fairfield (Fairfield) Connecticut, and died 27 Jul 1725 in Ridgefield (Fairfield) Connecticut. He married on 20 Jan 1694/95 in Ridgefield, Deborah Adams, daughter of Abraham Adams and Martha ___. Deborah was born in 1678 in Fairfield (Fairfield) Connecticut, and died in 1748.
James and Deborah had seven children (Gershom, Elizabeth, Ephraim, Hannah, Samuel, Abraham, Deborah), one of whom marries into Rita’s family:

b41. Gershom Bennett was born 14 Sep 1701 in Fairfield (Fairfield) Connecticut. He married 29 Dec 1726 in Ridgefield (Fairfield) Connecticut, Sarah Gregory [SPENCER 11936.7.4.4], daughter of Thomas Gregory and Elizabeth Ketcham.

c. James Bennett was born in 1645 probably in Massachusetts or Connecticut, and died 6 Oct 1736 in Fairfield County Connecticut. He married into our family himself, but also has several lines through a previous marriage who merge into the family on their own.
James married first, Mary Joy, daughter of Walter Joy and Deborah Wathen. Mary was born about 1646, and died sometime before 1683.
James married second, about 1684, Mary Osborn [15628.2.2], daughter of Jeremiah Osborn and Mary Davis. Mary was born 29 Mar 1653 in New Haven (New Haven) Connecticut, and died 28 Nov 1726 in Stratford (Fairfield) Connecticut. Her brother Joseph marries James' daughter Mary, above, and her daughter Mary marries James' son Thomas.

James and first wife Mary Joy had six children (James, Thomas, Abigail, Mary, Joseph, Sarah), three of whom merge into our lines:

c1. James Bennett was born about 1668, and died in 1707. He married in 1690, Sarah Lewis. Sarah was born in 1670 in Farmington (Hartford) Connecicut, and died in Stratford (Fairfield) Connecticut.
James and Sarah had nine children (Abigail, James, Damaris, Philip, Elizabeth, Stephen, John, Sarah, Ebenezer), of whom we list four:

c11. Abigail Bennett was born about 1695 in Fairfield (Fairfield) Connecticut. She married 26 Jan 1713 in Stratford (Fairfield) Connecticut, Zachariah Hubbell [7826.2.6], son of Richard Hubbell and Hannah Sillaway.

c12. James Bennett was born in 1694 in Stratford (Fairfield) Connecticut, and died in 1750 in Stratford. He married first, about 1715, Elizabeth Wakeman [7826.9.4], daughter of John Wakeman and Martha Hubbell. Elizabeth was born 1 Jun 1695 in Fairfield Co, Connecticut, and died in 1721 in Stratford (Fairfield) Connecticut. James married second, about 1723 in Stratford, Elizabeth's first cousin Tabitha Hubbell [7826.4.9], daughter of Samuel Hubbel and Temperance Nichols. Tabitha was born 24 Dec 1700 in Stratford (Fairfield) Connecticut, and died in 1771 in Stratford.

c15. Elizabeth Bennett was born about 1700 (baptized 8 Sep 1700). She married 12 Jul 1724 in Norwalk (Fairfield) Connecticut, John Glover [7826.1.1.1], son of John Glover and Margery Hubbell. John was born 30 Dec 1701 in New Haven (New Haven) Connecticut.

c16. Stephen Bennett was born about 1702 (baptized 21 Jun 1702) in Stratfield (Fairfield) Connecticut, and died Mar 1739 in Stratford (Fairfield) Connecticut. He married 8 Oct 1724 in Stratfield, Abigail French [7826.11.4], daughter of Samuel French and Abigail Hubbell.

c2. Thomas Bennett was born about 1669 in Fairfield County Connecticut, and died 5 Apr 1739 in Newtown (Fairfield) Connecticut. He married 12 Apr 1692 in Stratford (Fairfield) Connecticut, his step-sister Mary Booth [15628.2.2.1], daughter of Ephraim Booth and Mary Osborn.

c4. Mary Bennett was born in 1673 in Fairfield County Connecticut, and died in 1737 in New Haven (New Haven) Connecticut. She married Joseph Osborn [15628.2.9], son of Jeremiah Osborn and Mary Davis. Joseph is the younger brother of Mary Osborn, who married Mary's father.

f. Sarah Bennett was born about 1654 in Fairfield (Fairfield) Connecticut, and died in 1726 in Fairfield. She married John Osborn, son of Richard Osborn and Mary ___. John was born in 1654, and died 15 Jul 1709 in Fairfield (Fairfield) Connecticut.
Sarah and John had seven children (Hannah, Samuel, John, David, Sarah, Elizabeth, Joseph), of whom one merges into our lines:

f7. Joseph Osborn was born about 1692 and died in 1731 in Fairfield (Fairfield) Connecticut. He married about 1718, Hannah Hubbell [7826.10.1], daughter of Samuel Hubbell and Elizabeth Burr. Hannah was born 19 May 1695, and died 11 Aug 1743.

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