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These pages are a compilation of my work and that of others. You are welcome to use anything on this page, but be aware that although I have been as careful and accurate as possible, I am not a professional genealogist. I have been working on our genealogy for over 25 years, and started the website in 2005. Some of the lines I have researched myself; some, especially on Rita’s side, we inherited the research of other family members over the past 75 years. Still, the majority of these pages are limited to compilations from published books and what I could find on the internet. The target audience was and remains our family, so the family pages are limited to our own ancestors. I have set it up so that each page is one set of ancestors, with their descendants. For the most part I have limited my scope to their great-grandchildren (second cousins to us); in some cases I list sources which may continue further.   HOME


John Daggett and Hebzibah Brotherton



15732. John Daggett was born 4 Nov 1602 in Boxford (Suffolk) England, and died 26 May 1673 in Plymouth (Plymouth) Massachusetts. He married sometime before 1625 in England,

15733. Hebzibah Brotherton (also seen as Alice Brotherton). Hebzibah was born about 1604 in Suffolk, England, and died in 1667 in Edgartown (Dukes) Massachusetts.

These are the earliest known ancestors in this branch of the family. The name Brotherton is thought to be locational, perhaps from a town of that name in Yorkshire; people with this name are first seen in the 1300’s. Daggett may be Norman, from a French word for knife or dagger; but it may also be of Viking origin, derived from a first name. People with this name are first noted in Yorkshire in the 1200’s.

John and Hebzibah had five children:

15732.1. John

15732.2. Thomas Daggett [7866] (1632 MA - 1691 MA) and Hannah Mayhew are direct ancestors, separate page.

15732.3. Elizabeth

15732.4. Hepzibah

15732.5. Joseph

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