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Philip Reed and Mary Dyer



7682. Philip Reed {a,b} was born sometime around 1615 in England, and died in 1676 in Norfolk County, Massachusetts. He married 26 Oct 1635 in Somerset, England,

7683. Mary Dyer {a,b}. Mary was born sometime around 1615 in England, and died in Norfolk County, Massachusetts.

Different origins are given for Reed. Most say it means “red” and refers to red hair or a ruddy complexion. Some sources say it refers to thatched roofs (made from reeds or straw), indicating an occupation. Still others say it is from Saxon “Rede” meaning advice or counsel, or from names of towns. MacKenzie claims that all Reed/Read/Reade in the U.S. are related, and originate in Northumberland. Others say it may be English or Scots. In the 1700’s, Reed was among the top 20 commonest names in America; today it is still among the 60 most common.

Dyer is an occupational name, from a person who dyes cloth. It is common throughout England.

Philip and Mary were married in England, and came to Massachusetts five years later, in 1640. We don’t have birth dates for Mary or Samuel, so they could have been born either in England or Massachusetts. Philip’s will was dated 15 Dec 1674 and was proved 5 May 1676, suggesting that he died probably late April or May 1676.

Philip and Mary had three children, order unknown:

7682.1. Mary Reed [3841] {a} (~1640 - 1717 MA) and John Vining are direct ancestors, separate page.

7682.2. Philip Reed {a} was born 24 Oct 1641 in Weymouth (Norfolk) Massachusetts. He married first, Hannah ___. Hannah was born probably sometime in the 1640’s, and died probably between 1676 and 1680. Philip married second, probably around 1680, Abigail ___.
Philip and Hannah had four children (first cousins to us):

7682.2.1. Mary Reed {a} was born 21 Mar 1669.

7682.2.2. Hannah Reed {a} was born 18 Feb 1672.

7682.2.3. Philip Reed {a} was born 2 Nov 1674.

7682.2.4. John Reed {a} was born 16 Aug 1676.

Philip and second wife Abigail had four children (first cousins to us):

7682.2.5. Samuel Reed {a} was born 29 Sep 1681.

7682.2.6. Prudence Reed {a} was born 7 Oct 1685.

7682.2.7. Stephen Reed {a} was born 15 Oct 1690.

7682.2.8. Deborah Reed {a} was born 30 Aug 1692.

7682.3. Samuel Reed {a} was born probably sometime in the 1640s.



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